5 Must-Visit Raja Ampat Liveaboard Diving Sites for 2024

Raja Ampat, an archipelago located off the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula in Indonesia’s West Papua province, is a bucket list location that divers worldwide need to visit at least once in their lives. This diver’s paradise is renowned for its stunning marine diversity and breathtaking underwater landscapes, where many great dive sites can only be reached via liveaboards due to its remote locations. If you’re already planning a liveaboard trip in Raja Ampat, here’s a list of our five must-visit diving sites that you have to explore in 2024! 

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1. Manta Ridge

Manta Raja

Manta Ridge remains one of the best dive sites for scuba diving in 2024, solidifying its position as a must-visit destination for any liveaboard trip in the region for manta ray sightings. Located in the center of the archipelago (just off the Mansuar Island), the strong currents in this area draw an abundance of plankton, which in turn attracts many of these amazing creatures to its waters. 

The best season to visit Manta Ridge is from October to April, when most of the manta rays come in to feed at the nutrient-rich waters, providing divers with the best chances to witnessing a larger amount of these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

2. Cape Kri


Cape Kri is another popular dive site for Raja Ampat liveaboards, considered as one of the best places in the world with colorful coral gardens and astounding marine life like barracudas, trevallies, and more. It is located in the Dampier Strait, a convenient spot where the nutrient-rich currents from the Indonesian Throughflow (ITF) flows through. This is what allows the house reefs to flourish abundantly, making this region as one of the best diving destinations for aquatic life and tropical diving fans worldwide. 

The best time to dive in Cape Kri is also from October to April, where the seas are calm and more level. However, do keep in mind that liveaboards in Raja Ampat and/or dive resorts do get fully booked quite during this period, so we recommend to plan for your dive trip accordingly beforehand. 

3. Arborek Jetty

Arborek Jetty is emerging as a must-divit Raja Ampat dive site in 2024, boasting abundant marine fauna, including massive schools of fish and dense coral gardens that harbor unique sea critters. Located near the picturesque village of Arborek in the Dampier Strait, this location also offers great underwater visibility and pristine waters, making it it ideal for underwater photographers who want to get that perfect shot while diving and snorkeling. 

4. Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain, also known as the ‘Shadow Reef’, is also a long-lasting bucket list location for liveaboard diving in Raja Ampat. Due to its more remote location on the far south of the archipelago, this large underwater seamount covered with coral reefs has stronger currents and hence, brings in more nutrients to its waters. This is why it’s known as the ‘fishiest diving spot’ in the entirety of Raja Ampat, bringing in an abundance of marine life like schooling barracudas, giant trevally, moray eels, and many more other reef creatures. Manta rays and dolphins are also a popular sighting in Magic Mountain, which you shouldn’t miss when visiting one of the top dive sites in the world on your next trip. 

5. Andiamo

a diver photographed in the middle of coral reefs in Raja Ampat

Andiamo is another popular dive site in Raja Ampat for liveaboards, known for its abundance of oceanic life and vibrant coral reefs. This remote dive spot has topography that divers worldwide are enthusiastic to explore, particularly its unique rock formations that are covered with vibrant, soft corals. Other marine life that you can discover here includes schools of barracuda, jacks, and fusiliers swirling around the pinnacles. There’s also a great array of macro critters that you can witness in their natural habitat, such as nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, and colorful reef fish. 

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