Deep South Palau

(12 Days, 11 Nights)

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Solitude One & Solitude Gaia itinerary: 12 days & 11 nights, Palau.

Day 1 – 12 Deep South Palau Expedition

The exploration of Palau’s Deep South aboard Vessel Solitude One transcends a mere journey; it stands as a singular, once-in-a-lifetime chance to behold the pristine allure of the southern seas of Palau. Revel in the unparalleled comfort and safety afforded by Solitude One as you immerse yourself in this extraordinary adventure. Come be a part of an expedition that vows to reshape your perception of oceanic exploration, creating indelible memories that will endure a lifetime.

In the realm of the Deep South Palau Exploration Expedition aboard Vessel Solitude One, every day unfolds as a unique chapter, dictated by the whims of the weather and the yearning for adventure. As the sun rises over the vast Pacific, a sense of anticipation fills the air, and the experienced crew of Solitude One tailors each day’s itinerary to maximize both safety and excitement.

In the realm of the Deep South Palau Exploration Expedition, the ebb and flow of each day are masterfully orchestrated by nature, offering a dynamic and ever-changing canvas for those who dare to venture into the heart of Palau’s southern waters aboard the unparalleled Solitude One.

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Full itinerary

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Day 1 – 12 Deep South Palau

Embark on an extraordinary exploratory expedition tailored for avid ocean adventurers. The Deep South Expedition of Palau is designed to emphasise the thrill of the unknown, where the highs and lows of excitement await at every turn. Discover uncharted dive sites, encounter rare marine species, and immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of Palau’s southern region. Please note that the passage and scheduled itinerary are subject to the whims of weather and ocean conditions, adding an element of unpredictability and excitement to the expedition. Prepare for a truly exhilarating journey where the spirit of exploration reigns and unforgettable moments await in Palau’s Deep South.

The itinerary is created subject to weather conditions and your sense of adventure.

Please note that the provided illustration serves as a rough guide for the expedition route. Our primary focus will be on exploring the vast Helen Reef Reserve, spanning 163 square kilometres, offering ample opportunities for discovery. However, the schedule itself remains flexible due to external factors. It is crucial to understand that our plans are subject to weather conditions, particularly for sites located just North of Helen Reef, which require excellent conditions due to their exposed nature. Therefore, we must maintain flexibility in our itinerary. For instance, we may embark on a day of diving near Merir before returning to Helen Reef.


About the boats

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Solitude One


Rebuilt from a 52-meter (171ft) steel-hulled merchant vessel, MV Solitude One has undergone a complete makeover from her original form to set new standards in hospitality and professionalism.

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Solitude One is situated in the vast open ocean, enveloped by deep blue and turquoise waters, alongside enchanting coral reefs.
Solitude Gaia

Solitude Gaia


A scuba diving liveaboard that transforms the core experience of exploring and adventuring on the open ocean.

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