Raja Ampat

(9 Days, 8 Nights)

Solitude Adventurer itinerary: 9 days & 8 nights Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

Day 1 Sorong – Embarkation & Welcome Briefing

Day 2 Waisa & Mansuar Island – gives the opportunity of a possible 3 to 4 dives. 

Day 3 Dampier Strait Region – gives the opportunity of a possible 3 to 4 dives.

Day 4 Raja Ampat – gives the opportunity of a possible 3 to 4 dives. 

Day 5 Southern Region – gives the opportunity of a possible 3 to 4 dives. 

Day 6 Southern Region – gives the opportunity of a possible 3 to 4 dives. 

Day 7 Southern Region – gives the opportunity of a possible 3 to 4 dives.

Day 8 Daram Region – gives the opportunity of a possible 2 dives.

Day 8 Sorong – Farewell Briefing & Disembarkation

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Full itinerary

Day 1 – Embarkation Sorong

Upon boarding Solitude Adventurer, a welcome from the rest of our crew awaits you. Orientation including a safety briefing followed by lunch. There may even be a possibility for a check dive schedule allowing. 

Day 2 Waisai and Mansuar Islands.

Gives the opportunity of a possible 3 to 4 dives. 

As the sun rises, we find ourselves in the breathtaking paradise of Raja Ampat, encompassed by a picturesque landscape of limestone islands adorned with lush vegetation. Today, our exploration focuses on the enchanting vicinity of Waisai and Mansuar Islands. Prepare to be enthralled as we venture into a world of pinnacles, awe-inspiring walls, and magnificent coral reefs that promise to captivate our senses. Immerse yourself in the beauty that awaits us in this remarkable corner of Raja Ampat. 

Day 3 Dampier Strait Region

Gives the opportunity of a possible 3 to 4 dives. 

Our attention turns to the western region of the Dampier Strait as we embark on today’s exploration. The captivating islands of Gam, Yangefo, and Airborek beckon us to discover their underwater wonders. Brace yourself for exhilarating drift dives, where the currents guide us through vibrant marine landscapes. Keep a keen eye out for captivating macro critters that inhabit these waters, providing endless opportunities for unique encounters. And if luck is on our side, we may even have the chance to witness the graceful presence of majestic manta rays gliding through the depths. Prepare for a day filled with excitement and the possibility of unforgettable marine encounters. 

Day 4 Raja Ampat

Gives the opportunity of a possible 3 to 4 dives.

Today’s itinerary is filled with exhilarating dives amidst lively reefs, captivating pinnacles, and the possibility of embarking on an adventurous channel drift dive. Raja Ampat, renowned for its remarkable biodiversity, presents an opportunity to encounter various shark species. Keep a keen eye out for the wobbegong shark, known for its unique carpet-like appearance as it hides and blends seamlessly with the coral. Additionally, encounters with white and black tip reef sharks are common on most dives, with the occasional appearance of the majestic grey reef shark.

Raja Ampat’s reputation as a haven for marine life concentration and diversity is well-deserved. Prepare to be mesmerised by the abundance of macro critters, schools of fish, pelagic species, and various ray species that grace these pristine waters. Amidst our underwater explorations, we will also take a moment to stretch our legs and embark on a short land excursion, further enhancing our experience of this magnificent region the presence of a majestic manta ray. Get ready to immerse yourself in the wonders of Misool, a true gem within Raja Ampat. 

Days 5 – 7 Southern Region

Gives the opportunity of a possible 3 to 4 dives each day.

Our journey now takes us to the southern region of Raja Ampat, where the captivating beauty of the area surrounding the grand island of Misool awaits. Misool is a haven of vibrant coral reefs teeming with an abundance of marine life. Along the reef walls, magnificent Giant Gorgonian fans serve as a sanctuary for a delightful variety of pygmy seahorses, showcasing the intricate wonders of nature. Countless limestone islands dot the area, providing shelter to a diverse array of reef-dwelling fish species. As we explore, keep a lookout for pelagic species gracefully patrolling the reefs in search of their next meal. The reefs themselves are adorned with a breathtaking assortment of healthy soft and hard corals, creating a vibrant rainbow of colours.

The area offers a myriad of exploration opportunities, from majestic pinnacles and ridges to captivating reefs and picturesque small islands. It’s no wonder that this region is highly sought after by adventurers who venture this far. If luck is on our side, we may even have the incredible chance to encounter the endemic Raja Ampat Epaulette Shark, also known as the walking shark, or be graced by 

Day 8 Daram Region

Gives the opportunity of a possible 2 dives. 

On our final day of diving, we have an exciting schedule with two morning dives awaiting us in the captivating region of Daram, located in the easternmost part of Misool. These dives promise to be a fitting culmination of our underwater exploration, offering us a chance to witness the stunning marine life and vibrant coral reefs that thrive in this area. After our exhilarating dives, we will gather for a satisfying lunch, allowing us to savour our last moments in these pristine waters. 

As we bid farewell to the underwater realm, it’s time to relax and unwind. Take pleasure in the fact that our dedicated crew will take care of washing and hanging up your equipment, ensuring your convenience and comfort. As we embark on our cruise back to the port of Sorong, reflect upon the incredible experiences we’ve had, cherishing the memories of our remarkable diving adventure in Misool. 

During the evening please make preparations for the scheduled 11:00 check-out in the morning. At this time, you will receive a briefing regarding your check-out bills so that you can arrange for payment. We accept cash in USD, IDR, credit card, or WISE payments (please inform us in advance if you plan to use a credit card or WISE, noting that a facility fee applies). Kindly inform the cruise directors about your preferred payment method. 

Day 9 Disembarkation

No Dive Day 

Following a light continental breakfast, there will be an appreciation briefing, followed by the final disembarkation for our guests schedule for 11:00. 

Regrettably, we are unable to accommodate late check-out requests as we need to prepare for the upcoming cruise. 

Please be aware that the itinerary and planned route may be altered due to unfavourable weather conditions, sea conditions, and, or restrictions imposed by local authorities. 


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