Stunning underwater vistas of Komodo.

Best Scuba Dive Trip Tips and Advice

Have you ever imagined weightlessly gliding into the underwater world that is full of colourful coral reefs and marine life? This isn’t just a dream; it’s the reality of a scuba dive trip!  Scuba diving isn’t just a sport but also presents a unique blend of adventure and tranquillity. Whether you’re a divemaster with 2000+ …

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A diver is doing solo scuba diving and underwater photography

Solo Scuba Diving: A Guide to Travel Alone

Embarking on the thrilling deep-sea adventure of scuba diving solo opens up a world of possibilities. Contrary to common perceptions, diving solo doesn’t mean you have to navigate the ocean depths or negotiate the complexities of choosing the perfect dive resort or liveaboard all on your own. In fact, it’s an exhilarating journey that allows …

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The Palauan Rock Islands adorned with lush greenery, white islets, and sections of shallow reefs.

Diving in Palau: Top 10 Best Scuba Diving Spots in Palau

Palau, A Diving Paradise Palau is an incredible destination in the Pacific, where you’ll find a mesmerising blend of marine life, historical wrecks, and stunning underwater landscapes. Its clear waters reveal a wealth of dive sites, each with its own unique allure. From vibrant coral reefs bustling with colourful fish to encounters with majestic sharks, …

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Solitude World logo on a bold yellow tank with matching fins and mask

Dive Exercise and Fitness: How to Stay Fit for Scuba Diving

Diving into the serene, unexplored underwater world of our planet is an adventure that captivates many. However, the wonderful experience of scuba diving demands more than simply a sense of adventure; it requires a certain level of physical fitness and mental preparedness. We at Solitude Liveaboards and Resorts understand the importance of exercise in enhancing …

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a whale shark spotted in the Philippines'' underwater

Swimming with Whale Sharks in the Philippines: A Complete Guide

Swimming with whale sharks is an incredible experience, and the Philippines offers a unique opportunity to do so. These massive creatures primarily feed on plankton and small fish, making encounters with them safe and awe-inspiring. To increase your chances of seeing these magnificent animals, plan your trip during whale shark season. As a renowned hub …

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The Ultimate Guide to Wreck Diving

Imagine diving into the sea and surrounded by exotic coral reefs that are full of marine life. Then, an unusual colossal silhouette appears from the depths – a shipwreck, a silent testament of an era. Wreck diving offers an unparalleled adventure into the depths of the ocean, where history and marine life collide to form …

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Solitude Gaia New to the Solitude World Fleet in 2024

Solitude Gaia: Redefining Liveaboard Adventures

Solitude Gaia, the newest addition to the esteemed Solitude World Fleet, epitomises the unparalleled hospitality that defines Solitude Liveaboards and Resorts —an authentic experience cherished by all. As we embark on this thrilling journey with Solitude Gaia, our commitment remains steadfast to maintaining the exceptional standards of guest care celebrated over the years.  Solitude Gaia, …

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