5 Best Dive Resort Areas in Indonesia 2024

Indonesia boasts a plethora of diving resorts across it’s 17,000 islands, as divers around the world continuously flock into the country to explore their many world-class, exquisite dive destinations. If you’re considering to visit Indonesia for your next holiday, here’s a complete list of 5 areas with the best dive resorts in the country and its unique charms that you can look forward to! 

1. Raja Ampat Dive Resorts

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Raja Ampat has a great selection of diving resorts that travelers can choose from, and many of them offer luxury amenities and diving-related services that are second to none. A good number of resorts do come with comfortable rooms, all-inclusive meals, and easy access to dive sites via their exclusive boat trips. Staying in a resort will help you maximize your exploration of the archipelago’s underwater beauty, including encountering exciting marine life like house reefs, corals, dugongs, and mandarin fishes.

However, keep in mind that as Raja Ampat is one of the world’s top and most reputable diving destinations, popular places tend to get booked quickly. Be sure to plan accordingly and reserve your accommodation well in advance.

2. Lembeh Dive Resorts

Relaxing and Romantic, Solitude Lembeh Resort poolside at dusk.

Lembeh is another world-class destination with a good selection of dive resorts, which is the best accommodation option for divers as there aren’t many dive shops around. The resorts usually come with clean rooms, all-inclusive local meals, and expert local diving guides who know their way around popular muck diving sites like Hairball and Police Pier. During your underwater adventures, you can look forward to encountering unique and fascinating creatures, including frogfish, blue-ringed octopus, and pygmy seahorses.

3. Bunaken Dive Resorts

Bunaken boasts excellent dive resorts that are both perfect for relaxation and adventure. A good number of the accommodation are cottages located near the beaches, where you can enjoy gorgeous ocean views, delicious local cuisine, and other amenities offered like pools or in-house bars. The diving facilities are also something you can look forward to, with many places offering house reef, specialized camera equipment, and a variety of guided dive schedules to explore the area. A distinctive feature of this region are the vertical walls of pristine, steep coral reef walls, which provide a unique habitat for a diverse range of marine species like green sea turtles and travallies.

4. Alor Dive Resorts

In terms of dive accommodation, Alor features a great mix of peaceful beach resorts, eco resorts, and dive lodges. For first-time visitors, it’s highly recommended to book accommodation on the main island, Alor Island, to ease your exploration of the area before venturing to the more remote places. While scuba diving, you’ll want to pay attention to the dramatic underwater landscapes, where you can encounter large pelagic life like manta rays and hammerhead sharks in their natural habitat.

Labuan Bajo Dive Resorts

Stunning underwater vistas of Komodo.

Labuan Bajo is home to many dive resorts that specifically cater to divers looking to explore the Komodo Island, one of the world’s most famous dive destinations in Indonesia. The dive resorts are mostly located near the port, with some places offering speedboats to reach dive sites around Komodo Island faster than using a regular ferry. There are also many establishments with well-maintained dive shops and courses led by highly experienced dive masters, who will guide you through the region’s strong confluence of underwater currents and explore their rainbow-like reefs and marine life with great confidence.

Ready to explore the diverse aquatic life around Labuan Bajo and Komodo Island for your next adventure? Check out our comprehensive guide now!

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