Top 5 Best Dive Resort Areas in the Philippines 2024

The Philippines boasts a plethora of diving resorts across its 7,641 islands, where world-renowned accommodation are found in many regions of this beautiful archipelago. If you’re considering visiting the country for your next holiday, here’s a complete list of 5 areas with the best dive resorts in the Philippines and their unique charms that you can look forward to!

1. Dumaguete Dive Resorts

Dumaguete has a great selection of relatively affordable but beautiful beachfront diving resorts, given its convenient location on the southeastern coasts of Negros Island. Many resorts have their own well-maintained dive shops and guided day trips, catered to diving enthusiasts looking to explore nearby dive sites like Verde Island and Apo Island. There’s a lot to see in the region’s pristine waters, including turtles, colourful reef fish, and many fascinating macro critters.

2. Anilao Dive Resorts

The view of Solitude Acacia Resort in the Philippines

There’s a wide range of dedicated dive resorts in Anilao, popular with divers around the world as the go-to place for muck or macro diving in the Philippines. Many of the resorts offer a wide range of offerings catered exclusively for diving, including underwater photography workshops, dive centres for beginners, as well as night dive trips to witness magical nocturnal creatures like decorator crabs, bobtail squid, and moray eels.

However, many resorts in Anilao do get fully booked quite often, especially during the holiday seasons. If you plan to to visit this area for your next adventure, it’s best to make your reservations well-ahead of time.

3. Malapascua Dive Resorts

Malapascua Island boasts a variety of dive resorts along its coastline, but many travelers on the island prefer to stay around Bounty Beach due to its concentration of accommodation, restaurants, and dive shops. Not only that, many dive resorts are well-equipped with their own boats and PADI-certified guides on site to assist beginner and intermediate divers. This allows you to freely enjoy exploring the region’s exciting dive sites, including the likes of Gato Island and the wreck of Dona Marilyn.

4. Puerto Galera Dive Resorts

a close up photo of a sea turtle

Puerto Galera has a number of exclusive dive resorts located across its islands. Although generally more quaint, they offer a good variety at different price points. Divers can expect easy access to dive shops and dive schools for beginners, as well as guided trips with experts to visit the renowned Coral Gardens and other dive sites, home to fascinating aquatic life like turtles, small reef fishes, and more.

5. Anda Dive Resorts

Most of the dive resorts in Anda can be found concentrated on the bottom part of the island, particularly near White Beach and Quinale Beach. The environment is relatively tranquil and serene, perfect if you’re looking for a more relaxed diving adventure. Many of the accommodation are conveniently located close to the dive sites and offer their own guided trips to renowned wall diving destinations like Paradise Garden, Snappers Cave, and more.

Ultimately, when planning your trip to the Philippines, you’ll find a range of options that suit your diving needs. If you’re looking for a guide to diving in the Philippines, we have you covered.

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