Lilian Koh – Photography Workshop

3 – 13 July 2024

Underwater photography can be challenging and it is often difficult to create unique images of animals that people have documented before, no matter how rare or elusive they may be. What separates the best photographers from the rest is an ability to combine both technical and artistic skills to showcase their chosen subjects in a new and unique way.

Lilian Koh is an experienced macro shooter who understands these principles, and captures excellent images of the some of the ocean’s strangest underwater creatures as a result.

9 diving days you have the chance to see Lilian Koh at our resort and learn from one of the most creative photographers in one of the best macro spots in the world how to play creative with snoot, backlight, her famous bling bling and start to use your normal household tools to elevate a special critter in a very elusive and unique way.

For more information’s about her work and many more underwater images visit: