Patrick Neumann – Photography Workshop 3.0

5 – 16 Oct 2024

Because of the great success and such a high demand we decided to make another workshop with our Photo Pro Patrick Neumann.

Some new ideas will be covered so you can learn from him even you participated in the first workshop and as we also learn from you what can be improved in teaching, everything about this time is 2.0, an upgrade of our first time!

Although Patrick Neumann is available most of the time as Photo Pro in our resort, he also holds a workshop for all photographers who prefer to learn about photography with fellow participants.

We are specialized in Underwater Photography, which is already visible in our choice that Patrick Neumann from Germany, is not just the Resort Manager at Solitude Lembeh Resort but also our Photo Pro. So you can be ensured that all our focus is creating underwater photos by ourselves, but also that we are very keen to let you get all the help or support you might need for your own photography.

Patrick Neumann learned diving at an age of 7 years from his father who still is an active Dive Instructor. After numerous jobs as dive professional, he decided that he needs a new field of interest during his time underwater and he became an underwater photographer 2006.

Very fast he won his first competitions and decided to sell his car to upgrade his camera equipment. He continued to successful prestigious contests like Epson Red Sea Shootout, The Underwater Photographer of the Year, Ocean Geographic or Our World Underwater.

He published in many magazines, some Covers, like National Geographic and still has a series of articles in TAUCHEN.

Now he is Nauticam ambassador, shoots with a Canon 5Dmkiv but he also has a vast knowledge of other systems incorporated also from his experience as sales advisor of the biggest UW photo equipment specialist in Germany.

If you need any help from him, or private lessons, he is more than willing to share his knowledge, his tricks and tips. What is better than sharing or talking about your own passion?

For more information about him or more of his photos please follow the links