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(11 Days, 10 Nights)

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Solitude Gaia itinerary: 11 days & 10 nights, Palau.

Day 1 Palau – Embarkation

Day 2 Malakal Lagoon – gives the opportunity of a possible 2 – 3 dives.

Day 3 Rock Islands of Malakal Harbour – gives the opportunity of a possible 4 dives.

Day 4 Ulong Island – gives the opportunity of a possible 4 dives.

Day 5 Whale Island – gives the opportunity of a possible 3 to 4 dives.

Day 6 to 9 Ngemelis Island – gives the opportunity of a possible 4 dives each day.

Day 10 German Channel Anchorage – gives the opportunity of a possible 4 dives.

Day 11 Malakal Lagoon – No Dive Day.

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Full itinerary

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Day 1 – Embarkation

Upon boarding Solitude Gaia, a welcome from the rest of our crew awaits you. Orientation and registration will begin once you are welcomed.

Day 2 Malakal Bay

Gives the opportunity of a possible 2 to 3 dives. 

Choice of Sites: Helmet Wreck, Chandelier Caves, Jake Seaplane, Teshio Maru 

Today marks the start of your diving adventure and your first dive. Solitude Gaia will remain anchored in Malakal Bay, just off the shore of the main town. This area holds significant historical importance as it served as the focal point of a major battle between the US and Japanese armed forces during World War II. Within close proximity to the bustling town of Koror, you will discover numerous shipwrecks from that era, providing the opportunity to explore both sunken vessels and an airplane wreck. Additionally, a popular and easily accessible cavern dive awaits you in the nearby Chandelier Caves, nestled within a rock island. This beginner-friendly cavern/cave dive showcases four distinct air chambers within a spacious cavern, where guests can ascend into these ample air chambers and marvel at the remarkable stalactites that adorn the limestone cave’s ceiling.

Today, you will embark on a unique Palau diving experience, immersing yourself in the rich history and diverse array of dive sites within this small island nation. While the visibility in this area may not be as crystal-clear as one might expect from Palau’s renowned blue waters, it adds an air of mystery to the overall experience. We will remain anchored here overnight, allowing you to fully embrace the allure of this captivating location.

Day 3 Rock Islands of Malakal Harbour

Gives the opportunity of a possible 4 dives.

Choice of Sites: lro Wreck, Helmet Wreck, Chandelier Caves, Buoy 6 

Leave Malakal Lagoon Anchorage for Ulong Island after first dive. 

As the sun rises, we find ourselves amidst the breathtaking limestone rock islands of Malakal Harbour. Today presents us with more opportunities to dive and discover the hidden gems within the inner lagoon. In the afternoon, we set sail towards the enchanting Ulong Island.

Day 4 Ulong Island

Gives the opportunity of a possible 4 dives.

Choice of Sites: Siaes Tunnel, Siaes Corner/Ulong Channel, Sandy Paradise 

Moored just off the stunning white sand beach of Ulong Island, we awaken to a day filled with incredible diving opportunities. The Ulong area beckons with its mesmerising walls, vibrant reefs, and dynamic currents. Drifting along these vertical walls gives you a sensation of soaring, as you marvel at the flourishing coral and abundant marine life. Schools of colourful reef fish gracefully ride the currents, while the corners teem with sharks, creating an exhilarating experience for those hooked on adventure. The pristine white sand and crystal-clear waters in this paradise-like setting accentuate the allure of the reef walls that plunge into the depths. Our stay in this captivating area extends into the night, immersing us in the true essence of Ulong Island.

Day 5 Whale Island

Gives the opportunity of a possible 3 to 4 dives.

Choice of Sites: Siaes Tunnel /Siaes Corner, Ulong Channel, Sandy Paradise 

Leave Ulong Island Anchorage for Whale Island.

As the sun rises, we find ourselves still in front of Ulong Island, ready to embark on another exciting dive in this area before heading further south. The exceptional visibility in these waters often captivates divers with its breathtaking wide-angle views of vibrant reefs and towering walls. However, if you pay closer attention to the reef itself, you’ll discover that Palau is also home to an impressive variety of macro marine life.

In the afternoon, our journey takes us through the remarkable German Channel, a shallow passage carved through the reef during the German occupation to facilitate navigation between Palau’s islands. Surrounding most of the country is a barrier reef, with the southern half encompassing the prestigious UNESCO 

World Heritage site known as the Rock Island Southern Lagoon (RISL). Due to the shallowness of the reef, larger ships must navigate the longer route along the outer edge of the barrier reef to reach the southern islands. Fortunately, our skiffs can traverse the German Channel, offering us a shorter and more convenient route to the southern dive sites.

The actual dive site of the German Channel is located south of the boat passage, where the channel’s southern edge gradually slopes into the deep waters. It is in this area that Manta Rays gather to feed and seek cleaning stations, providing a mesmerising spectacle for divers. As we venture further south, we arrive at the southern outer reef, where some of Palau’s most renowned dive sites eagerly await our exploration. While we delve into the underwater wonders during the day, Solitude One will embark on a lengthy journey via the eastern outer reef, circumnavigating the southern tip of Peleliu to reunite with us.

Days 6 – 9 Ngemelis island

Gives the opportunity of a possible 4 dives each day.

Choice of Sites: Peleliu Cut, Peleliu Express, Orange Beach/ German Channel, Blue Corner /Blue Holes /Turtle Cove, Big Drop -Off/New Drop Off, Ngedebus Wall

We spend the next 4 days diving the current swept walls and corners of Ngemelis island, home of the Blue Corner and Blue Holes, Peleliu and Carp island. Clear water, stunning coral gardens, and massive schools of both big and small fish, including an impressive number of sharks await. You’ll have plenty of chances to navigate current and learn how to utilize a reef hook properly. During these days there is the potential for an optional Peleliu island WW2 land tour, dependent on guest interest and weather conditions (a dive must be skipped to fit the land tour into the daily schedule). 

Day 10 German Channel Anchorage

Gives the opportunity of a possible 3 dives. Your last dive has to conform to our 18 hours no-fly/no-altitude policy.

Choice of Sites: German Channel, Blue Corner, New Drop Off, Big Drop Off /Ngedebus Wall 

As we reach our final day of diving, you have become a skilled diver adept at utilizing the reef hook and mastering the currents of Palau. We will embark on our last dives, bidding farewell to the enchanting southern reefs of this remarkable destination. With each dive, we savour the underwater wonders one last time before we leisurely sail back to Malakal Harbour, cherishing the memories created during our unforgettable journey. 

Return to Malakal Lagoon Anchorage in the late evening.

Day 11 Malakal Lagoon

No Dive Day

Passengers are scheduled for disembarkation between 5:00 am and 7:00 am. Following a light breakfast, farewells will be exchanged, and our crew will facilitate your transportation to the airport. Should guests prefer an earlier disembarkation, they must acknowledge that missed meals, tours, or dives due to this change are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. We look forward to welcoming you back in the near future!

** Route Itinerary subject to change due to inclement weather, sea conditions, and/or restrictions posed by local authorities.


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