Surface Interval With Solitude World: Welcome to the Team part 1

During this surface interval, let’s take a moment to enjoy a coffee break and get acquainted with the new members of the Solitude World Management Team Jonas Heeb and Jasmine Carey (in part 2). We will explore their respective roles and their visions for strengthening the growing brand in the realm of ocean hospitality.

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At Solitude Acacia Resort, you’ll find a perfect harmony of modern comforts, breathtaking views, and an array of opportunities for hikes, beach exploration, and even a day trip to a volcano. This haven offers a tranquil ambience that permeates every corner, allowing you to unwind amidst contemporary amenities. For Jonas Heeb, our new Resort Manager, Solitude Acacia Resort is the ideal destination where he can keep his dive gear at hand, ensuring he never misses an opportunity to explore the captivating underwater wonders.

Choosing Solitude Acacia Resort as his new retreat is far from a poor decision. It promises a fulfilling and immersive experience that will create cherished memories, present positive career challenges, and provide the opportunity to become a part of a new Solitude family. Now, let’s delve deeper into getting to know Jonas Heeb, the new Solitude Acacia Resort Manager.

Jonas Heeb

 Let’s welcome Jonas Heeb from Switzerland as our newest addition to the Solitude Worlds team. Jonas has been appointed as the Resort Manager at Solitude Acacia Resort. Hailing from Switzerland, Jonas brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having previously served as the Cruise Director and Technical Manager for Seven7Seas Liveaboard in the Red Sea for 8 years. 

Jonas’s passion for diving began in 2009 when he took a three-month break from his engineering job and participated in a Divemaster Internship at a resort in Egypt. He fell in love with the underwater experience and the hospitality industry, leading him to leave Switzerland in 2010 and embark on a full-time journey in the diving industry. Throughout his career, he has explored various diving destinations such as Egypt, Thailand, Tobago, Italy, and the Philippines.

Beyond his diving expertise, Jonas brings a strong mechanical background to the team, having worked as a mechanic, truck driver, and Service Engineer for building speciality milling machines. With his native language being German, Jonas possesses excellent communication skills.

What are your downtime hobbies/ interests?

I have a deep passion for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. There’s something exhilarating about gliding down the slopes and feeling the rush of the cold mountain air. In my free time, I also enjoy cooking for my friends, creating delicious meals that bring people together and create memorable experiences. Additionally, I find great joy in going on hikes or embarking on road trips with my camera in hand, capturing the beauty of nature through photography. It allows me to express my creativity and preserve moments that can be cherished forever.

Tell us about your love of the ocean and sharing it with people….

My affinity for water goes beyond just a love for the oceans—it encompasses all forms of water. Ever since I was a child, I couldn’t resist the allure of being in the water. This innate connection led me to become a Scuba Instructor and embark on a diving course in Switzerland. From there, my passion for diving took me to various destinations around the world. To this day, I am captivated by the incredible diversity of creatures that inhabit our oceans. The opportunity to explore and witness the wonders of marine life continues to fascinate me.

What inspired you to transition from an engineering career to pursuing a full-time journey in the diving industry?

During a prolonged break from my engineering career, I had the opportunity to assist as a dive guide and handle guest relations at a resort in Egypt for over three months. It was during this time that I realised how much I enjoyed immersing myself in my favourite hobby on a daily basis. Although I still had a passion for my previous profession, the sheer joy and fulfilment I experienced from pursuing my love for diving outweighed any other career path. This transformative experience inspired me to make the transition and embark on a full-time journey in the diving industry.

How do you plan to leverage your experience as a Resort Manager to enhance the guest experience at Solitude Acacia Resort?

Beyond starting each day with motivation and a smile on my face, my key focus is to be more than just a manager at Solitude Acacia Resort. I aspire to be a leader and a coach, someone who guides and supports my team like a father figure. I firmly believe that it is not solely my efforts that contribute to an exceptional guest experience, but the collective dedication and commitment of my team, who I consider as my family. By fostering a positive and empowering work environment, encouraging open communication, and providing the necessary resources and training, I aim to empower and inspire my team to deliver outstanding service and create unforgettable experiences for our guests. Together, we will elevate the guest experience at Solitude Acacia Resort and ensure that every visitor feels warmly welcomed, cared for, and valued.

As a PADI MSDT and experienced diver with over 8000 dives, what are your strategies for ensuring the safety and well-being of divers at the resort?

As a PADI MSDT and experienced diver with over 8000 dives, my primary role may not be at the forefront of diving operations anymore. However, I believe in actively monitoring and maintaining safety standards at the resort. I ensure the safety and emergency equipment on our boats meet the required standards, and I occasionally join the dive team for dives to stay connected to the diving experience.

To uphold safety and well-being, I prioritise building strong relationships with the dive team, not just professionally but also on a personal level. This approach fosters open and effective communication, allowing us to discuss and address any concerns or improvements required to meet our high standards. I also emphasise the importance of ongoing education and training, keeping our team updated on the latest safety practices and techniques.

Maintaining a culture of trust within the team is paramount. By nurturing an environment where everyone feels comfortable voicing their opinions and raising safety-related issues, we can proactively address any potential risks and continuously improve our safety measures.

In summary, my strategies for ensuring the safety and well-being of divers at the resort involve consistent monitoring of safety standards, engaging in occasional dives with the team, fostering open communication, prioritising ongoing education, and maintaining a culture of trust. By adhering to these principles, we can uphold the highest level of safety and provide a secure and enjoyable diving experience for our guests.

Given your background in hospitality, how do you plan to create a welcoming and memorable atmosphere for guests at Solitude Acacia Resort?

Drawing on my background in hospitality, my approach to creating a welcoming and memorable atmosphere at Solitude Acacia Resort involves close collaboration with all departments and continuous staff training. I believe in providing our guests with the space they need to unwind and enjoy a relaxing experience, while ensuring we are readily available to cater to their needs.

By fostering effective communication and teamwork among departments, we can synchronise our efforts to deliver seamless and exceptional service. Regular staff training sessions enable us to enhance our skills, stay updated with industry trends, and consistently improve the guest experience.

Additionally, I understand the importance of striking a balance between attentiveness and respect for guests’ privacy. Our team will be trained to be attentive and responsive, anticipating and addressing guest needs promptly. At the same time, we value the significance of allowing guests to enjoy their privacy and create cherished memories during their stay.

Ultimately, my goal is to create an environment where guests feel welcomed, valued, and attended to without intruding on their personal space. By combining teamwork, ongoing training, and a genuine commitment to guest satisfaction, we aim to provide a warm and memorable atmosphere that exceeds their expectations at Solitude Acacia Resort.

What are your long-term aspirations for the development and growth of Solitude Acacia Resort, and how do you envision achieving them?

My long-term aspirations for the development and growth of Solitude Acacia Resort revolve around creating a strong sense of commitment and fostering a supportive environment. I believe that by fully immersing myself in the team and forming meaningful connections not only within the resort but also within the local community, we can achieve our goals.

Maintaining motivation is crucial in reaching our targets, and I believe it stems from having a stable and harmonious work environment, surrounded by friends. By nurturing positive relationships and cultivating a balanced lifestyle, we can sustain the motivation needed to drive the growth of Solitude Acacia Resort.

In practical terms, I envision achieving these aspirations by implementing effective communication channels within the team, promoting collaboration and open dialogue. By encouraging a sense of ownership and responsibility, each team member will be empowered to contribute their ideas and efforts towards the resort’s development.

I will also consciously and actively seek opportunities to engage with the local community, forging partnerships and fostering positive relationships. By becoming an integral part of the community, we can tap into local resources, support sustainable initiatives, and create a mutually beneficial environment.

My long-term aspirations for Solitude Acacia Resort involve cultivating commitment, fostering friendships, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. By creating a supportive work environment and engaging with the local community, we can drive the resort’s growth and ensure a prosperous future.

As a Resort Manager, how do you plan to enhance the diving experiences for guests at Solitude Acacia Resort, ensuring they have memorable and enriching underwater adventures?

To enhance the diving experiences for guests at Solitude Acacia Resort and ensure memorable and enriching underwater adventures, we have several strategies in place. Firstly, we prioritise keeping diving groups small on the boats, recognising the importance of a more intimate and personalised experience. This approach allows divers to fully immerse themselves in the unique diving environment of Anilao.

Additionally, I actively participate in diving expeditions myself, joining some dives from time to time. This enables me to provide valuable insights and guidance to divers, sharing knowledge about where to find specific critters and enhancing their overall diving experience.

We cannot go past the fact that here at Solitude Acacia we have an exceptional dive team dedicated to delivering exceptional service. They take care of gearing up the equipment for guests, ensuring everything is prepared and ready for their dives. After each dive, the team ensures that all equipment is properly rinsed and taken care of, relieving guests of any maintenance responsibilities. This streamlined process allows guests to focus solely on enjoying their diving adventures and having fun.

By combining small diving groups, personal involvement, and a dedicated dive team, we aim to create unforgettable underwater experiences for our guests at Solitude Acacia Resort. We strive to exceed their expectations and provide them with enriching and memorable moments beneath the surface.

Solitude World aims to cater not only to scuba divers, but also to families of all ages. How do you envision creating a diverse and inclusive environment that appeals to a wide range of guests?

To cultivate a diverse and inclusive environment that appeals to a wide range of guests, Solitude Acacia Resort offers a variety of amenities and activities. Families of all ages can enjoy our inviting pool, where they can swim and partake in playful activities. The tranquil ambience, shaded by the acacia tree, provides the ideal space for quality bonding time with loved ones.

Our team can also arrange full-day or half-day tours and island hopping excursions, enabling families to explore scenic destinations and engage in thrilling snorkelling adventures. These excursions offer an opportunity to discover the natural beauty of the surrounding areas and create treasured memories together.

For those seeking more relaxed experiences, our resort provides kayaks and stand-up paddle boards conveniently located by the shore. This allows families to indulge in gentle water activities while immersing themselves in the breathtaking views at their own leisurely pace.

By offering a diverse array of options, such as trips to nearby towns, hiking opportunities, day trip sightseeing, pool time, island hopping, and water activities, we strive to foster an inclusive atmosphere where guests of all ages can find pleasure and relaxation. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every family member can craft their own unforgettable moments at Solitude Acacia Resort.

Solitude Acacia Resort is known for its commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. How do you plan to integrate eco-friendly practices into the resort’s operations and promote responsible diving practices among guests and staff?

At Solitude Acacia Resort, our commitment to sustainability and responsible diving practices is paramount. We believe that daily education and leading by example are crucial in promoting eco-friendly practices among both guests and staff.

By demonstrating the importance of sustainable habits, such as proper waste disposal and picking up trash, we strive to inspire a sense of environmental responsibility. We actively encourage everyone to embrace these practices as part of their daily routine.

To further support our commitment, we regularly support and participate clean-up events within the resort. These events provide opportunities for active participation and help raise awareness about the impact of waste on our surroundings. By engaging in these activities, we emphasise the significance of responsible waste management and the preservation of a clean and pristine environment.

Our entire team aim to inspire our guests and staff through sharing and showcasing the wonderful experiences and interactions with nature that we have at Solitude Acacia Resort. By highlighting the beauty and importance of the natural world, we encourage sustainable behaviours both on land and underwater.

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Through consistent engagement and by fostering a culture of environmental consciousness, we are confident that eco-friendly practices and responsible diving will become ingrained in the fabric of Solitude Acacia Resort. Together, we can make a positive impact on our surroundings and ensure a sustainable future.