Surface Interval With Solitude World: Welcome to the Team part 2

In Part 1 Surface Interval With Solitude World: Welcome to the Team, we embarked on a journey through the perspectives of Jonas Heeb, the newly appointed resort manager of Solitude Acacia Resort in Anilao, The Philippines, gaining valuable insights into not only his vision and plans for the resort’s future but also getting to know Jonas the person. Now, in Part 2, our focus shifts to another key addition to the Solitude family: Jasmine Carey, the latest member to join the esteemed Solitude World Team. As we delve into her background, aspirations, and contributions, we uncover the exciting dynamics and potential she brings to the team, further enriching the Solitude experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

We are delighted to introduce Jasmine Carey as the newest addition to our Solitude Family, joining us as the Marketing & Communications Global Manager. Jasmine’s extensive experience will play a pivotal role in our ongoing endeavours to promote ocean-centric tourism and create exceptional, meaningful ocean holiday experiences. Through her expertise, we aim to not only connect people with the ocean but also raise awareness about its significance and foster a deeper appreciation and connection among our guests. We are excited to witness the remarkable contributions that Jasmine will make as we strive to provide extraordinary experiences that leave a lasting impact and cultivate a greater love for the ocean.

Here are a few questions that will provide you with further insights into Jasmine and her role as the Marketing & Communications Global Manager at Solitude World.

Jasmine Carey

1. As the new Marketing and Communications Manager, what are your long-term aspirations for the development and growth of the Solitude World brand?

My long-term aspirations for the development and growth of the Solitude World brand are focused on unifying the brand across all assets, implementing consistent messaging, expanding partnerships, and exploring opportunities for new resorts or innovative offerings. By establishing a consistent and cohesive brand identity, we can strengthen our presence in the market and enhance guest loyalty. Through effective messaging, strategic partnerships, and diversification of our product space, we can reach new markets and attract a wider audience, ultimately establishing Solitude World as a leader in ocean-centric tourism.

2. Can you share your vision for how marketing and communications can effectively showcase the beauty of the oceans to all our guests?

My vision is to utilise powerful storytelling, captivating visual content, and engaging campaigns to portray the breathtaking beauty and wonders of the oceans. By showcasing diverse marine ecosystems, vibrant marine life, and the remarkable experiences guests can have, we can create an emotional connection and inspire a genuine appreciation for the ocean. Through our marketing and communications efforts, we will provide guests with a glimpse into the enchanting world beneath the waves, allowing them to understand the importance of preserving and protecting our oceans.

3. Apart from scuba divers, Solitude World aims to appeal to a wider audience, including families and non-divers. How do you plan to showcase the diverse range of experiences available and encourage guests of all ages and interests to explore the ocean?

It’s crucial to highlight that Solitude World offers much more than just scuba diving. Through our marketing and communication efforts, I will emphasise the array of activities and experiences we provide, including snorkelling, marine wildlife encounters, beach excursions, and educational programs. By showcasing the accessibility, adventure, and educational aspects of our offerings, we can attract a diverse audience and instil a sense of wonder and curiosity about the ocean in everyone. Through engaging content and tailored messaging, we will demonstrate that Solitude World is a place for families and individuals of all ages to create lasting memories and connect with the ocean in meaningful ways.

4. Why Solitude World?

Well, there are many reasons why Solitude World aligns perfectly with my own passion and vision. One of the main reasons is our shared love for the ocean and our deep-rooted desire to share its genuine wonder with the world. We both believe in showcasing the remarkable experiences that can be had when one approaches the ocean with an open heart and mind.

For me, the ocean is not just a mere backdrop; it is my muse, a constant source of inspiration. It’s where I find solace, where I will now find my Solitude….. It’s where I feel most alive, and where I can truly connect with nature’s awe-inspiring creations. Solitude World‘s commitment to creating exceptional, meaningful, and even educational ocean holiday experiences resonates deeply with me. It provides an avenue to channel my passion for underwater exploration, photography, and storytelling into meaningful work that touches the lives of others. 

Moreover, Solitude World‘s inclusive approach to catering to a wide range of guests, including families and non-divers, truly sets it apart. This allows our team to showcase the ocean’s wonders to a diverse audience, capturing their hearts and minds through compelling visual content and storytelling that the ocean shares with you each and every time you bring your heart, mind, ears and eyes under that blue waterline. The ocean shares itself with everyone, regardless of age or experience, together we can further ignite a sense of curiosity and a desire to explore the ocean, ultimately fostering a deeper connection between people and nature.

Jasmine Carey

Together, we can embark on a journey to show the world the beauty and magic that lies beneath the waves, reminding people of the preciousness of our oceans and inspiring them to take action for their preservation.

Solitude World understands that the ocean has the power to transform and enlighten.