5 Best Diving Destinations in Southeast Asia

The waters of Southeast Asia are no secret for being some of the best diving destinations in the world. There’s an abundance of amazing dive options for divers anywhere in the world, including muck diving, wreck diving, reef diving, and many more. There are also excellent great dive instructors and dive operators that are well-equipped to cater to divers of all levels, making it one the world’s top places to start your exploration of the underwater world.

Read on to learn more about five of Southeast Asia’s best places for diving and the unique charms that each location offers!

1. Raja Ampat, Indonesia

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Raja Ampat is easily considered for as a region to experience the best diving in Southeast Asia, garnering constant fame online amongst divers worldwide. Located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, it’s arguably one of the 10 best places to go scuba diving. There’s more than 1,200 fishes species, vibrant coral reefs, and large pelagic creatures that you can encounter traversing through its pristine, beautiful waters. However, please keep in mind that resorts and liveaboards in the area tend to get fully booked quickly during diving vacation seasons, so it’s advisable to plan your trip well in advance. 

2. Komodo Islands, Indonesia 

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The Komodo Islands are not only home to the Komodo National Park, a registered UNESCO World Heritage site, but they are also home to many of the best dive spots in Southeast Asia. Famous dive sites like Manta Alley, Yellow Wall, and Makassar Reef attract many tourists each year, where you can expect to encounter unique rainbow-like reefs and majestic sea creatures like whale sharks and manta rays in their natural habitats. However, due to the strong confluence of underwater currents in the area, it’s more suitable for scuba divers who are already at intermediate or advanced levels.

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3. Sipadan, Malaysia

Sipadan is another location you’ll want to visit for scuba diving in Southeast Asia, with popular dive locations like South Point, Barracuda Point, and Hanging Gardens. They are well-known for its abundance of marine life like reef sharks, green sea turtles, and huge schools of barracuda, amongst many others. However, do keep in mind that an Advanced Open Water Diver certification is required to explore most of this region due to strong currents and steep topography. It’s also recommended that you are already comfortable with drift dives and have experience diving in locations with currents in order to explore this region with confidence and ease.

4. Anilao, the Philippines

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Anilao is known as one of the world’s best and most accessible scuba diving destinations in Southeast Asia, offering great dive experiences for divers of all levels. This is thanks to its fantastic diving conditions, including their calm waters, shallow slopes, and great visibility during the peak dive season, which lasts from December to April. For those just learning to dive, there are many well-established dive centers with professional dive guides, allowing you to explore the region’s pristine waters and exquisite marine biodiversity with ease and comfort. 

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5. Similan Islands, Thailand

Similan Islands is another Southeast Asian diving location with the best dive sites that are accessible to divers of varying levels. Every dive site in this gem in the Andaman Sea presents you with breathtaking diving opportunities, where you can encounter exciting aquatic life like whitetip sharks, giant barracuda, and sea snakes. There are also many guided tours with dive masters that are highly knowledgeable with the region, which will ensure diving in Thailand’s top dive destinations an enjoyable experience for everyone. 

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