We understand the passion you have for your photography journey. This is why we strive to provide unparalleled support to help you capture every moment with precision and creativity.

Upon arrival at Lembeh Strait, guests share a passion for photography, seeking to capture the unique critters this Indonesian haven is renowned for. Situated in Northern Sulawesi, the seemingly unassuming Lembeh Strait surprises divers with its exceptional underwater marvels. The dark volcanic sand conceals an extraordinary world of peculiar creatures, earning Lembeh the title of “Critter Capital of the World.”

Muck-diving dominates these sites, offering a diverse array of captivating critters like the mimic octopus, pygmy seahorse, flamboyant cuttlefish, hairy frogfish, and rhinopias. It’s important to note that most dives primarily feature these unique critters over the seemingly barren dark sand, occasionally scattered with debris.

Despite the absence of vibrant corals or large sea creatures, Lembeh stands unmatched for macro photographers seeking small, distinctive subjects. It’s a premier destination for underwater photography, celebrated globally for its variety of remarkable subjects.

The proficiency of our dive guides in spotting these unique critters and assisting you in capturing the perfect shot is unparalleled. We emphasize our ethical approach: strictly refraining from chasing, touching, or disturbing marine life while ensuring exceptional photo opportunities.

To enhance your photography experience, we offer a dedicated Camera Room for battery changes or adjustments post-dive. Our expert dive guides are adept at handling heavy equipment, ensuring you can focus on capturing that perfect shot.

Featuring air conditioning, moisture filters, and spacious workstations with universal power points (110 V). For your convenience, fresh water rinse basins can be found at the Dive Hut, while air guns await at the camera room entrance, ready to assist in cleaning and drying your equipment. Nightly room lock-ups and routine resort inspections ensure security.

Maintaining a photographer-to-guide ratio of 1 guide to 2 photographers guarantees personalised attention, ensuring your photographic endeavours are exceptional.

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In search of tailored guidance to enhance your photography skills while staying with us? Simply inquire! Alternatively, join our scheduled workshops facilitated by our dedicated Photo Pro. Our dive guides, renowned for their expertise and adaptability, are not just exceptional in their field but also adept at supporting and enhancing your photography endeavours.



Ample space equipped with Universal Sockets, Surge Protection, Humidity Control, Air Stations/Guns, and other necessary provisions guarantee the meticulous care and maintenance of your equipment.


Our in-house photo pro, Patrick Neumann is eager to share his extensive knowledge with you, and we go a step further by offering workshops led by renowned international underwater photographers like William Tan, Marcello di Francesco, and Lilian Koh, among other accomplished professionals. These artists have clinched esteemed accolades and stand among the finest in their respective nations.

Our aim is to conduct workshops in the teacher’s native language, yet we remain flexible to use English based on your preference. The language choice is adaptable and contingent on your needs.

Discover forthcoming events below or reach out to us for comprehensive details about our upcoming workshops via email at Don’t forget to keep in touch and stay connected with us on social media or subscribe for regular updates.




Solitude Liveaboards Pygmy 8200
3 – 13 July 2024

Solitude Lembeh

Lilian Koh – Photography Workshop

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Ribbon Eel with bubble bokeh background effect.
5 – 16 Oct 2024

Solitude Lembeh

Patrick Neumann – Photography Workshop 3.0

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